Turn-Off the iCloud Account Lock from your iPhone

Here will show you how to work this iCloud Removal Tool for any devices. This guide is for any Apple users that have iCloud lock problems on the iPhone 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4 and iPad nay models in the world. To use this service only is need to download on your pc and to install. This is the best software to remove iCloud lock from your Apple device we know.

The iCloud lock is a very big problem for now, and 30 per cent of all iPhones in the world have this problem, this is a very big and globally problem. But only this service here work, many others are a scam and not work. This is totally for free service and not is need to pay to use. We bellow will explain to you in details how to work.

A tool to remove the iCloud Lock from any iPhone

This is very simply software, in five steps will show you all procedure what is a need to do to use this iCloud software to turn-off the iCloud lock from your iPhone permanently.

  • Step 1: Download the Tool on your PC.
  • Step 2: Install and connect your iPhone via USB cable on your computer.
  • Step 3: Then please select your iPhone from the list and click start.
  • Step 4: Wait five min the process to be complete.

When the iCloud Extermination Process will be don, your iPhone will reboot and now is need to put your iPhone on iTunes and to make restore update. For this process is need to Download iTunes on your pc and to install, then make this restore process and this is all need to do.

How to complete the Process

Now is need to add sim card in your device, and then connect your iPhone on wifi and go next. Here will ask you to add your Apple ID if have, or not have to skip this process and to go next. This is normally on any iPhones, then will redirect to the home page on your iPhone. Now permanently the icloud lock will be removed from your iPhone.

Our online tool is the best in the world and work very fast and safely, for any details or questions please contact us any time, we will respond to you.


  1. dariush

    hi my name is dariush from iran , i have iphone4 i need to remove icloud from my phone, but from iran we can not transfer money to other country if you can help me to solve this problem i can send money for you when i will come to out of iran may be take time but you be sure i will do it as soon as posible, thank you my imei number is : 012836002407834

  2. samir

    How can download it plz send me the link of it plz plz

  3. Maurilio

    My iPhone 6 have icloud on and I don’t have the id and password I buy as is. With this program can I unlock icloud?. How mach the program and were find this program. thank you

  4. Massimo Simone

    Where can i download the tool?

  5. xian21

    good morning i just want to ask if you have a legitimate cloud bypass remover tool. if you have i am willing to pay for that replay me A.S.A.P thanks

  6. solver

    who can i download the tool ??

  7. cuthbert moyo

    can l please have link to download

  8. jeferson

    where is the download link ? i want to try this TIA

  9. dorian

    Hello I am having your software, how to have it.

  10. Rahul

    My iPhone is locked by icloud. I forgot my old id. My iPhone 5 version is 10.1 so how to open icloud lock. Please fastly reply

  11. Bounyore kounpanhya

    Unlock iphone imei: 013965000400845


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